Interior design Consultation

Advisory/consultation sessions are Ideal for those with a keen hands-on interest themselves in re-designing a property but would benefit from some professional guidance. Or for those wishing to appreciate what would be achieved by using a professional interior designer but without the associated costs.

Initial 3 hours intense on-site visit followed up with reports and suggestions. Avoids costly mistakes and offers inspiration and ideas for an existing or new property to enable a client to progress with the interior design alone or to use our services further if required.

We will overview the property establishing possible design alterations that would enhance the overall look and or value of the property. Ideas can be structural and /or aesthetic, discuss and answer any design related questions to maximize the property potential.

We will follow up with a written report which would normally include the following;
• Colour scheme,
• Renovation possibilities and a potential pitfall.
• Furniture, lighting, rugs, walls, and floor covering, art, accessory and soft furnishing and fitted furniture recommendations.